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WE MANAGE AND INVEST family AND philanthropic ASSETS.


We invest the assets of families, foundations, religious institutions and other types of long-term investors. We build diversified portfolios with individual investment strategies for each client. We work with only the very best international and Czech investment companies, asset managers, and banks from across the market. 

We provide extraordinary alternative investment opportunities in the areas of private equity, venture capital, real assets and absolute return. We create "investment clubs" and co-invest the assets of our shareholders, clients and employees.

More about investment philosophy




As a licensed asset manager, we design and manage individual private portfolios in excess of 100 million CZK.

Learn more about private portfolios here


Qualified Investor Funds

We manage two types of qualified investor funds for our portfolio clients and co-investment partners: proprietary funds with bespoke investment strategies and access funds pooling investors’ capital to facilitate large transactions.

All of our investment funds can be found here



For investors managing their assets privately or by employing multiple asset managers, we offer complex portfolio reviews. We typically provide these services for single family offices and other institutional investors.

Giloš Alternativní investice


invest with us?

We have a firm grasp of complex asset management and the creation of individual portfolios. Hence, we seek out investment opportunities and set up “Investment Clubs” through which we can offer unique opportunities in alternative investments. These opportunities are particularly in private equity, venture capital and real estate property, which are not readily available to regular investors.